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Wall Hole Tool

CBM-Wall Hole

DISCONTINUED: This page is legacy only. All my tools are developed solely to improve my own real-world productivity, in my spare time from a real full-time job and sold on request for a nominal fee only. After over 20 years, I discontinued my development for Vectorworks since I moved to Archicad.

Draws: advanced parametric 3D wall hole with (yet) minimal 2D support. It's a tool developed around the needs of existing buildings. It can be used as allrounder for cutting holes of any kind, for balconies or openings. The tool allows to split Window and Door elements from their wall hole, which can, under circumstances, be extremely complex.

For insertion in straight walls, including frame, side elements such as pilasters or columns, center columns, sills with any shape. Supports custom profiles, part textures, plug-in styles, catalogs on demand, automaps its own IFC export.

Configurations: Squared, round and segment top shape

Outputs: basic 2D, 3D, IfcOpening

Notes: this tool is one of my sandboxes for exploring the limits of wall insertion. Ideally, it would work with other objects, such as Windows, Doors or similar, through associations: every tool in a network, but with distinct functionality. Waiting for this concept to become possible...



Minimal interface


Configurations: Opening or Recess



1 Wall + 1 3D Shape + 1 CBM-Wall Hole
CBM-Wall Hole cuts the hole in the wall and fits the chosen shape parametrically, scaling it and repeating it a chosen number of times



Granular geometry control on the wall hole

Wall hole

Outer Top shape: Round, Segment, Rectangular


Option: Subtract or Add to wall

Add Subtract

Outer Top shape Round with option Inner Top Shape Straight

Option straight

Mid Shape operations

Mid shape

Internal Sill

With room for inserting separate window

Internal Sill

The optional hole between internal sill and rebate allows to place a window element

Window insertion

Option: Wrap custom profiles' edges

Wrap edges

Option: One Frame for each field or unified

Single frame

External Sill

External Sill

Options: Metal, concrete, brick, plank, custom profile

Sill profiles

Option: One sill for each field or unified

Sill options 1
Sill options 2


Additional architectonical elements


In-Wall Behaviour: Add to wall, subtract from wall

Frame: add or subtract profile

Frames and Sills: use any 2D symbol

Extrude 2D symobl as profile

Sides and Midparts: use any 2D/3D symbol

Repeat 2D/3D symbol

+ Frames


+ Frames + Sides


+ Frames + Sides + Midparts + Sill

Mid parts


Appearance in 2D, 3D and section


Custom texture parts

Texture Parts


Semantic, physical Data and Norms




IFC automap